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Minglue Technology is an enterprise-level cognitive intelligent service platform

Minglue Technology (Beijing Minglue Software System Co., Ltd.) is committed to promoting digital transformation of large and medium-sized enterprises with high knowledge and management complexity through big data analysis and mining and cognitive intelligence technology. In the era of the Internet of Everything, the information displayed by the massive amounts of data owned by enterprises is originally used to support the healthy operation of a device, a business, a department, or even an enterprise. At present, for many companies, these data are scattered in different equipment and various departments, and corporate organizations will inevitably be blindfolded, unable to feed back the correct data—that is, information to frontline employees, and make correct decisions. The data center of Minglue Technology helps companies collect and integrate multi-source heterogeneous data, integrate big data, Internet of Things, knowledge graphs and multi-modal artificial intelligence technologies, push the correct data to decision makers, and improve marketing and operations within the organization Of transparency, security and stability. At the same time, the intelligent decision-making platform of Minglue Technology, by connecting people and machines in the enterprise, continuously accumulates organizational knowledge assets and programs them, and finally realizes high-level artificial intelligence applications with analytical and decision-making capabilities, so that the organization can operate efficiently and realize people A beautiful world with machines.

Becoming the pacesetter in global enterprise-level AI sector,creating a better world shared by people and machines
Enabling efficient-in-house operations and accelerating innovations by AI technology
To do things in the most efficient, direct, and simplest way
Customer success
To deliver quality B-To-B products that can address their concerns
Both speed and direction are important
Continuous innovation
acceleration is even more important
Win-win cooperation
Two forces acting in the same direction produce the greatest resultant force
To do things in the most efficient, direct, and simplest way
Customer success
To deliver quality B-To-B products that can address their concerns
Both speed and direction are important
Continuous innovation
acceleration is even more important
Win-win cooperation
Two forces acting in the same direction produce the greatest resultant force


2021-the next ten years
Breakthrough in massive data collection, storage, and computing related technologies
Online business
Expand government business and provide one-stop data center construction and service capabilities
Government business
Expand to offline commercial business
Offline business
Docking a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises
Small and medium enterprises go to the cloud
Get involved in precision instruments
Get involved in precision instruments

Management Team

Wu Minghui
Founder, Chairman and CEO of Minglue Technology Senior expert in artificial intelligence, big data technology and enterprise digital transformation Successful serial entrepreneurs, angel investors
Wu Minghui is the founder, Chairman and CEO of Mininglamp Technology. He was named one of Fortune China’s 40 Under 40 and is one of the creators of the HAO AI theoretical framework, distinguished professor at People's Public Security University of China, and Entrepreneurial Mentor at Peking University and Renmin University. As a successful serial entrepreneur in the young generation over the 40 years of China’s reform and opening-up, Wu Minghui founded Miaozhen Systems, China’s largest platform for Internet user behavior and marketing analytics, in 2006. In 2014 he founded Mininglamp Technology, expanding business from online marketing to the digital transformation of government services and offline business, and expanding technology capabilities from big data to artificial intelligence. Mininglamp Technology has since become China’s leading AI enterprise service platform, and has been selected as a National Open Innovation Platform for Next Generation Artificial Intelligence, in 2019. Wu Minghui has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and master’s in Computer Software and Theory from Peking University, and a master’s with distinction from the AILab of Peking University. With 20 years’ experience in software engineering development and algorithm research, Wu Minghui holds more than 130 domestic and international patents. With his 15 years of entrepreneurial experience in enterprise services, Wu Minghui has led Mininglamp Technology in providing complete closed-loop AI solutions to more than 2,000 enterprises and organizations in digital cities, manufacturing, finance, marketing, advertising, and service verticals.
Jiang Ping
Founding partner, President Expert in big data R&D and Management Bachelor of Computer Science, Peking University EMBA from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University
Mr. Jiang is the founding partner, President of Mininglamp Technology. He is responsible for the company’s strategic planning , managing operation, business development and product R&D. Jiang Ping has over 10 years of experience in enterprise-level services. He has served in the sectors of FMCG, F&B, digital city, manufacturing, financial services, helping enterprises to achieve business transformation through the digital path. Mr. Jiang has been a core member since he joined the Company in 2008. He was previously responsible for the R&D of the dynamic delivery management platform, which was highly recognized by many MNCs including Procter & Gamble. He was also a human resources manager of the entire R&D team and the project manager, responsible for promoting quality control of the R&D and standardization of the R&D management. Mr. Jiang led the team to complete the venture capital financings from Sequoia, Tencent, Temasek as well as other reputable venture capital funds and sector-based strategic institutional investors.


technical engineers
data analysts

Most employees graduate from “Project 985” and “Project 211” universities in China, including technical teams or business teams made of elites from top Chinese and foreign universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Royal Institute of Technology and University of Hong Kong. Talents in Mininglamp Technology have average working years no less than five years and boast rich industrial practical experience. Sforome senior technical experts have engaged in data mining for no less than ten years; most talents have worked Fortune 500 and top Internet enterprises including IBM, NEC, Oracle, Schlumberger, Accenture, SAP, Nielsen and Amazon.

The core technical team in Mininglamp Technology has continuous contribution to the big data technology open source community, including world-class technical talents such as Mathematical Olympiad gold medal winner, ACM gold medal winner, international programming competition gold award winner, parallel computing engine Spark contributor, machine learning TensorFlow contributor, query engine Kylin core contributor, Apache Bigtop code contributor, phpHiveAdmin author and HACE Theorem founder.

since founding, Mininglamp Technology has participated in development of several industrial standards

obtained over one hundred software copyrights and over one thousand technical patent certifications

software copyrights
domestic trademarks
overseas trademarks

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